Dead Ahead Mod Apk v 3.2.1 [Unlimited Money] Latest Version 2022

DEAD AHEAD: ZOMBIE WARFARE. Resist and defy the evil undead in this new tactical survival sequel of Dead Ahead! Fight for freedom and become a fearless slayer of the undead in one of the funnest survival games of the year!
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Dead Ahead Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Dead Ahead Mod Apk: Zombie Warfare is a strategic zombie game in the pixel style. Your project will be in charge of developing modes of transportation for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. It would be advantageous if you went on a lengthy and difficult journey during which you were constantly ambushed by zombies. Furthermore, you should not only save the survivors but also eliminate as many walking dead as possible.

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You will be able to use both aggressive and defensive methods in this circumstance, rather than further developing vehicles. Units can also be fitted and expanded for increased production. As previously said, the game is pixel-styled on the outside, but has tremendous item and area customization on the inside.

Interaction during game play

Dead Ahead is quite simple. The game is divided into two groups: the human group (you are the delegate) has the task of securing and constructing the transportation, which also serves as his hiding place. To prevent the transport back from crossing, the zombie gang controls the roadblock. If you keep it going as far as possible and kill all of the zombies, the transport will calmly pass through the obstacle and go to the next scenario.

In the game, you will have the following important details: For example, courage (energy) for building warriors and rage (sorcery) for using skills or backing objects to assault. However, as I would like to believe, courage is more important since, no matter how great you are, your chances of victory are slim if the number of warriors is small compared to the number of zombies.

The volume and character of the two sides grew as the rounds progressed. You are more grounded, and the zombies are more grounded as well; they can dash, bounce well, and battle like anyone else. They might be impervious to swords, fire, or explosives… The game’s AI will always ensure that the balance of powers is maintained, ensuring that each combat is difficult.

Playing instructions

Now we’re back on our own turf. The basic concept is to have as many soldiers as possible given the circumstances. Once you’ve arrived, the next step is to join the many types of soldiers in the game. The more skilled the soldiers are, the more likely they are to win. There will be three types of soldier meetings, each with different positions:

Scuffle warriors include insane and high-level fighters, as well as tactical armour bearers, and a lot of blood. Short-range heavy armament specialist: includes a number of levels based on the weapon carried, including short firearm, submachine gun, single explosive, and bunch projectiles.

Long-range heavy weapons specialists: these people are adept at shooting zombies from afar, but their ability to attack at close range is limited. I’m very tired of these followers; they take the most of my day to make, but the impact isn’t big.

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Ordinary officers are created quickly, and the more advanced fighters are, the more time it takes to gather and the more gold coins it requires to own. As a general rule, it depends on you; each person will have their own fighting style and attack technique. This is also one of the factors that contributes to the game’s thrilling attraction.

Dead Ahead Mod Apk Specifications


In this new strategic endurance continuation of Dead Ahead, oppose and battle the terrible undead!

In one of the year’s most delicate endurance rounds, fight for the chance to become a brave killer of the undead!

Kill a huge number of zombie assaults, gather supplies, look for survivors, and, most importantly, make your inheritance!


Keep your vehicle safe from foes more terrifying than any villain or devil!

While butchering the incorrect bodies, leap forward to blockades. Assemble your team of fighters and send them into battle one by one! Use all means necessary to fend off the horde of pixel-crazed tissue eaters!

With barrels, Molotov cocktails, and explosives, the deceased are cut, shot, or consumed. Be impulsive and unpredictably unstable, or your enemies will be suffocated by concealment.


Demonstrate your true grit by defeating the guides! To win, be creative and combine numerous types of units.

To eliminate all of the zombies and blockades, use strategically aggressive and protective actions!

Use your imagination to assault them and murder them for no reason. Keep in mind that the sun is rising. It will not be easy for you to deal with the dead.

To survive, improve your skills and equipment.

To customise your units and vehicles, collect items, gain information, and accomplish objectives. The more items you acquire, the more zombies you’ll want to fight!

Become the undead’s ultimate slayer! Condemn the banshees to an eternity of torment! Compare your top score to that of other players!

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  • With a knowledge of what’s humorous, a blood-and-guts activity procedure game is played.
  • There will be no stowing away in the shadows! You will be hunted by the undead!
  • Defend yourself against the zombie onslaught and keep your vehicle safe at all costs!
  • A fantastic world with many different aspects.
  • There are a lot of survivor troops and zombies.
  • Upgrades, one-of-a-kind items, and covert operations

In conclusion

This is a pixel tower guard game with a zombie theme that is both enjoyable and simple to play. Those of you who have not yet played this game should do so. Here’s where you can get Dead Ahead.

Scuffle warriors are crazy and skilled combatants with tactical armour and a lot of blood on their hands. Ordinary officers are rapidly formed, and the more proficient the warriors are, the more gold coins it takes to become a regular officer. Each player has their own unique combat style and assault method, which adds to the game’s exciting appeal.

Mod Apk for Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a protracted battle against a variety of terrible forces. There are also official events for everyone in the game. Drive the vehicle to various locations on the map, and the results are evaluated thoroughly, with a maximum score of three stars. Download the Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare mod to take your solid armed force on a journey across Satan’s confined terrain.

What's new

New Team Power game mechanic
New unit skins
All units are available in Skirmish mode
Several bugs fixed


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