Driving School Sim Mod APK (2022) V 6.4.0 [Unlimited Money]

Are you looking for an app that will teach you how to drive? Check out this article, which tells you about Driving School Sim Mod Apk and how it can be helpful in improving your driving skills.
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Driving School Sim Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

The driving school sim mod apk has several features that will keep you engaged. From a challenging and realistic driving school to an entertaining mode of transport, you will be able to drive real vehicles and make real money.

In addition, the game is not just about getting around with a car but also learning important driving skills such as concentration, reflexes, and timing. It’s easy to learn these skills because the game has an automatic difficulty level that will help you reach your goals quickly.

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Drive Safely, Drive Smart. The school bus simulator that allows you to try the driving experience with ease, just like real-life. In this game, you will be able to choose a lot of different traffic routes around the town, and practice for your driving test.

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driving school sim mod apk unlimited money

Do you enjoy being behind the wheel of a car? Driving School Sim 2020, the most advanced driving simulator, will allow you to experience what it’s like to drive a real car! Driving School Sim 2020 allows you to go behind the wheel of the most up-to-date automobiles!

About Driving School Sim Apk

Driving school sim is a driving school simulation game published in the android market. It could be an excellent racing games for pc and mobile devices, oviLeX says that this driving sim you can play with your friends without any limits on time or resources! Features: unlimited money gameplay auto-save record friend record is unlocked

In this game, you can drive a car and complete challenging driving missions at any time. Parkour style platformer featuring jetpacks, high-speed chases over waterfalls and volcanic lands – to name but a few of the themes. You will be able expand your skill level as you progress through the levels by unlocking new vehicles with upgradeable parts such as tires, paint and exhausts among others providing more fun gameplay experience:

Play with the virtual steering wheel or a variety of different control options to suit your needs. With this great driving simulator, you may further enhance your traffic rules knowledge.

Numerous guides are waiting to be examined, including well-known metropolitan places, mountain streets, desert sceneries, and chilly highways, among others. In the new complimentary lift, you may have fun with your friends. Race against them on the new multiplayer framework or play online multiplayer mode!

Levels of profession, learning modes, events, races, and much more! Get your driver’s license now and improve your driving skills! Simulate a driving school!

Features of the Driving School Simulation Apk


This game continues to pique the interest of many gamers who enjoy hustling games. It would be exhausting to play a game without a variety of vehicles. The most current models that have lately been shipped in 2020 will be shown to you by Driving School Sim.

You’ll be in the driver’s seat, controlling these cars at breakneck speeds. These are encounters that can be completed right now in a few of AAA games. The player may either use a grip and stick shift to manage the manual transmission or use the preset gearbox to make things easy.

Flexible Playing style

You can play in a variety of styles using a modern layout. With a slant structure, users may manage their automobiles in Driving School Sim. You cling to it and tilt it in the direction of the bearing. You should speak as though you were behind the wheel of a real car.

Alternatively, if the automated method makes you uncomfortable, you may use the joystick. On your phone, they all work as expected. It also allows participants to improve their street rules knowledge by playing for lengthy periods of time.

Also, players will face a variety of situations, each with its own set of solutions. Through the game, Impressive will discover practical tasks and confrontations.

Several Locations

This is not a hustling game, but rather a driving simulator. As a result of the current conditions, you are not required to compete with anybody. Relax and enjoy the nice driving hours by following sensible recommendations. First and foremost, gamers will select the vehicle that they will use throughout the journey.

When you don’t have a lot of money, you usually can’t afford to drive a fancy car. You’ll save some money and access the cars you want once you’ve completed numerous excursions.

driving school sim apk

Online Multiplayer Mode

Driving is stressful since there is no connection between many people involved. Players will be able to join friends in a private area and drive together in the latest version of Driving School Sim. Many people will assign you missions that you must do in order to receive prizes. These awards are frequently more prominent than imagined. Also, the examination will be more difficult.

Furthermore, you may organize car races and competitions amongst participants. This is, without a doubt, the most alarming clause. Is it safe to declare you’re the best driver around? Everything is predicated on rivalries. Substantiate yourself if it isn’t too much bother.

Amazing Supercars

The impression of driving a supercar was improved when implementing user-friendly functions. Driving School Sim, unlike any other challenge car games, offers you the opportunity to fully experience every key element of driving supercars as if you were really involved in races.

Features not only facilitate the process but also enhance their looks and performance effects. These elements mean that players can comfortably drive and enjoy realistic sounds from their cars without compromise on the quality graphic effects.

Top Technical Features

Driving School Sim Mod Apk is based on Unity Engine, providing all of its top-level technical features: Holographic rendering system, real -time physics parameters (dynamic tire pressure, handling responds to track surface and other factors), a top-level control interface.

What is more, it has a very easy operation system which you can use by just touching the screen; along with special game features such as motion controls added in different gameplay modes and keys like brakes that are key acts of players’ racing games.

Conquer all the roads

The game offers a variety of vehicles, from smaller cars to hyper cars. Whatever your preference, you are now extremely able to enjoy the driving sensation with supercars. Throughout the game, players will find six different modes. They can play in order to exploit their passion for driving simulation games by doing stunts anytime and anywhere on the road or on street tracks.

Graphics and sound

The game has advanced graphics and effects that are just like a real driving experience. When driving, players can have diversified distance fogging which captures the edges of parking lots when you are turning; when putting the car in reverse, it will move forward to give you more space.

The simulator’s camera angle changes with any angle and direction. In addition, we use award-winning sound system so that your ears won’t feel tired listening for hours without rest!

More Features of Driving School Sim Mod APK 

  • More than 150 cars to drive, all of which are regularly renewed!
  • There are several excellent point-by-point realistic guides available.
  • A smooth and authentic inclination vehicle that deals with many tests on each city map!
  • There are more than 80 different testing levels.
  • Free Ride mode is available.
  • Mode of Competition
  • Mode of Study
  • Racing and Free Ride are two online multiplayer modes.
  • Inside the car, there’s a lot of detail and there’s a lot of illumination.
  • Harm reduction framework has been improved.
  • Gas system with service stations for refueling
  • Grip on the manual transmission
  • Contact regulating wheel and tilt guiding fastens
  • Achievements and Leaderboards on the Internet
  • Realistic motor noises have been added.
  • Climate conditions in the next generation
  • On our web-based media sections, you may request additional guides and cars.
  • Play with your Gamepad if you have a controller!

driving school sim mod apk ios

Common FAQs about Driving School Sim Mod Apk?

What is the Driving School Sim Mod Apk?

The Driving School Sim Mod Apk is a driving school simulator game that allows you to learn how to drive the correct way. It is an easy-to-use game that lets you practice at your own pace. You can also use the game to improve your driving skills.

How to Play Driving School Sim 2020?

If you are the fan of pro driving, this game is perfect for your choice. In Driving School Sim 2020, there are a lot of different scenarios in which you will experience:

1. School Bus Mission

Sometimes it’s evening time. You need to drive the school bus and pick up kids safely before they reach home.

2. Cop Mission

The cop want to arrest 4 criminals but he can’t find them anywhere so he orders you to drive around and look for their car until he found where they stay again so that those guys would be put away by police very quickly.

3. Truck Mission

You got to drive a truck and take all the oranges out of your farm.

4. Car Mission

Sometimes you need to move against certain direction at some fast pace otherwise system will turn off itself and this is extremely bad for your health so it may result in death if you don’t do anything soon.


This is our first taxi simulator game released on the App Store. We hope that you can enjoy this taxi simulation game and share your feedback to us! Thank you very much for your attention!

It is important to note that the game has some of its own unique differences, compared to other racing games. But no matter how you compare, if you enjoy playing driving games, this one will definitely fit your needs.

Driving School Sim Mod Apk is a free game, so you can download it from “HugeApks” and play it. We hope you enjoy this game!

What's new

- new challenges available! drag racing, acceleration, moose test, etc
- bug fixing!
- easy multiplayer messages!
- more update coming soon!


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How to install Driving School Sim Mod APK (2022) V 6.4.0 [Unlimited Money] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Driving School Sim Mod APK (2022) V 6.4.0 [Unlimited Money] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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