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Say hello to mystery and survival in a school guarded by a scary evil nun that can hear any noise (be careful!). Evil nun seems to be a mix between a granny and...a ghost, a victim of a zombie plague, or any other dead soul.
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Evil Nun Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Evil Nun: Scary Horror Mod Apk is a secretive arcade adventure in which you must aid a young girl in obtaining an undesired school in which the soul of a terrifying nun wanders. As a result, your mission is to go from one location to another while solving various puzzles while avoiding stowing away from the follower. It’s worth remembering that the Nun hears everything, and any noise will stand out to her. Excellent modified drawings perfectly convey the deliberate aspect of the heinousness mission.

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Make appropriate acquainted with secrecy and perseverance in a school guarded by a very nasty nun who can hear any ruckus (warning!). According to all reports, Evil Nun is a cross between a grandmother and a phantom, a zombie or other undead soul. Embarrassment and death are on your tail; if the wicked Nun discovers you, she will murder you and the adventure will be finished. Anywhere is a good spot to put a blanket!! Inside or outside of the school, a ranch or halting area might be a fantastic hiding place!

Bendy weaponry, such as a chewing gum pistol or a dangerous doll with which you’ll want to detonate items, are useful for completing puzzles.

This Game’s Details

This game offers comparable interaction to previous frightfulness games, such as Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s, while obtaining the human picture from The Nun. In Evil Nun, you’ll take on the role of a youngster kidnapped by a psychotic nun. Your mission is to figure out how to get out of her school before she does something crazy to you. The game will test your mental fortitude and provide you with distressing, fearful, exciting insight.

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Do you feel like you’re on your own? That experience departure and endurance game isn’t for you. There is also some neighbour, in addition to stunning grandmother nun. The pantry hides a secret: why are there so many children? Are they still living or have they passed away? They couldn’t leave this terrifying school without a doubt. It is possible, though, to save them and become a legend! Instructions to defend various children who have been imprisoned by granny? Focus on the secret riddles that will appear in this terrifying game, stow away, and flee; endurance is the key!

Highlights of the Evil Num

  • Today isn’t Halloween; nevertheless, if you’ve ever defeated a zombie plague or other Halloween creatures, get to know the dead Nun and show us your skills in this adventure to break away from the heinousness game.
  • It has a ” apparition mode ” if your neighbour can’t take your frightened screams any longer. An lengthy time of joy and hilarity meant to make you a true saint, defeat the wicked nun, save the kids, and finish the game!
  • Our shock game is still in the works. Do you have a mind-blowing idea? Are you looking for more puzzles? We’re flexible and willing to try new things!
  • Appreciate and get out of there! The test of endurance is about to begin.

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  • Evil Nun lacks a massive design stage and isn’t appreciated in the same way. Nonetheless, the main image, which is laced with dread and gore, is all that is required to make the player feel uneasy.
  • The main view is filled with realistic, but terrifying and disturbing sounds, and frequenting players throughout the game will be a significant benefit of this game.


Evil Nun: Scary Horror Mod Apk is a mysterious arcade adventure in which you must assist a little girl in gaining admission to an unsuitable institution. Evil Nun is said to be a cross between a grandmother and a phantom, zombie, or other undead soul. You’re being pursued by embarrassment and death. All that is necessary to make the player feel uneasy is the primary picture, which is packed with dread and gore. If your neighbour can’t take your terrified cries any longer, it has a ” apparition mode.”

The Evil Nun tale has finally come to an end after several updates. Players can continue to research the narrative indefinitely without having to wait for updates from the creator. If you’re looking for a scary game that also takes thought and knowledge, this is a perfect choice. If you’re home alone around midday, though, this game could be a terrible choice!

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