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High time to go fishing! Join millions of anglers worldwide and start catching fish species in Fishing Clash - a thrilling fishing simulator game! Play 1v1 PvP fishing games and fight for the title of fishing champion!
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Fishing Clash APK – Download Latest version

So you want to play Fishing Clash on your mobile device, but you’re not sure which app store will have it? Well, here’s what you need to know. Fishing Clash is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can also find Fishing Clash APK files if that’s what you prefer.

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Gameplay of Fishing Clash APK

You don’t have to worry about having the same fishing gear that everyone has.

Fishing Clash is a game where you can experience all kinds of catching according to your own tactic and strategy! It’s not only about catching. You have to fight against other players as well so No one will go home empty handed from Fishing Clash Well, the monsters might.

You can fish beginner level with green gear. You can embark on a journey to find better equipment and rare items in dungeons and fields, and upgrade your weapons and armor along the way! Catch many different kinds of fish using different lures depending on where you go fishing with all that shiny new equipment!

  • Fishing Clash is not just about gathering. You can also trade with other players! Participate in fishing contests, guild vs guild battles, and party quests with your friends to claim victory!
  • You can fish beginner level with green gear. -You can upgrade weapons and armor using collected items.
  • There are many kinds of fish with different attributes, so be sure to check them before fishing.
  • You may encounter monsters when you go fishing.
  • Trade with other players and participate in guild battles!

How to Download Fishing Clash APK?

Downloading steps of fishing clash apk are very simple. You just have to follow the below given steps;

  • Step 1: Click on the download button, which is present at the end of the web.
  • Step 1: After click on the download button, the downloading will be started.
  • Step 1: wait for the downloading completion.
  • Step 1: When the downloading process completes clicking on the Fishing Clash APK which is present in the download folder, and install it.
  • Step 1: After installation completes, click on the Game and enjoy.

Features of Fishing Clash Game

To become a great angler, you must put everything in your possession into play. Do not think that just because you have a fishing rod and a bait only makes the most basic of the necessary items to be qualified as an expert fisherman.

In addition to these two most important tools used by all fishermen, there are also other gears which need to be availed in order to maximize your success in catching big fishes. These are not absolute requirements but they can surely serve as your plus factor when you fish in different bodies of water specializing in the species you wish to catch.

Let’s take a look at these fishing tackle items if they are needed or not and how essential they are for any angler.

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Fishing Rod

You will not go far if you do not have the fishing rod which is used to catch fishes. The material used for its construction varies depending on where it is made of materials like graphite, fiberglass, bamboo and many more. It can come in different sizes too like 6 or 7 feet, but 8 to 10 feet long fishing rods are the most usual.

It is used by placing it into water and then wait for fishes to come near before you pick up the rod and tug the fish with your hook already attached to a line.

Fishing Rods Covers

Yes, this equipment is needed in order to protect your fishing rod from being damaged while you are not using it. It also helps extend its life by stopping the line from damaging your rods ferrules, eyes and rings. There are different types of covers available in the market suitable for different kinds of fishing rods like spinning, fly or casting models.

Fishing Line

This is the string that connects the hook and your rod and they both work together to catch fishes. The materials used for this equipment vary as well; we have monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided lines made from nylon or other synthetic material mixed with kevlar or dacron fibers which can be found on most fishing tackle shops nowadays.

No matter what kind of fishing line you use, make sure you choose those made by trusted tackle manufacturers.

Fishing Hooks

The choice of this equipment is very important as well as you must choose the right hook according to the type of fish you want to catch and their size. For those who prefer to use artificial lures, they will need to buy treble hooks which come in different sizes depending on what kind of species you are trying to catch.

Different kinds of hooks like octopus and saltwater will be needed by anglers who opt for live baits and these can be found also at any fishing tackle shops.

Bait Boxes

Any bait used by angler must be kept safe inside a box made from plastic or metal so it would not get damaged easily, especially when you put them into your fishing tackle bag. You can choose either soft or hard boxes for this equipment depending on the size of your bait.

The peg-style storage boxes are also useful in keeping your baits safe while not in use, but make sure to get the right size that will fit into your fishing belt or vest’s pocket.

Fish Scaler

This is one of those items that you must have if you aim to catch fish species like salmon and trout as they have scaleless skin with fine scales which need to be removed before you cook them as these fishes may be toxic when ingested by human beings.  You can buy a fish scaler made from stainless steel or titanium which comes with ergonomic handle and blade sizes for easy cleaning of your catch.

Fish Fillet Knife

This is an absolute requirement for those who like to cook their fish and this comes in different sizes, shapes and blade types as well. For example, the handle could be made from rubber or plastic while some are made from wood with curved blades of flexible steel attached which you can find at any fishing tackle shops near your place.

Also check that it has a safety sheath so you won’t cut yourself when reaching into the pocket or bag where it is being kept aside.

Wading Boots/Chest Waders

Wading boots are essential especially if you want to go fishing in shallow waters by wading on the water body itself making sure not to get wet above your waistline or else all your effort in catching fish will be gone. Not to mention, you may fall on sharp rocks or submerged logs too so this is a must have for anglers who love fishing from the shoreline.

Chest waders on the other hand, are becoming more popular nowadays since they provide waterproof protection up to your waistline which means you can stand and fish even at deeper parts of a large lake, stream or river without worrying about getting wet. Most chest waders come with rubberized boot covers to protect your feet from sharp rocks along the bank’s edge where you usually stand.

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Specific Fishing Tackle For Different Types Of Fish Species

Now that you know all about different types of tackle needed by an angler for their fishing, it is time to learn about those used for catching different types of fish species.

Carp Fishing Tackle

These are some of the equipment you should have when going carp fishing.  The first is a hay bail armchair with a matching rotating caster seat which should be made from aluminum and painted in camouflage color; this can be bought at any fishery shop selling carp tackle.

You will also need an anchor that comes in either carbon or brass head weight depending on your casting technique and these can be found in your local angling store as well. Other items like telescopic rod, bivvies and landing net would make your trip more comfortable and we assure you that we can give you all the baits to use while fishing too!

Pike Fishing Tackle

In order to catch pike, you will need a heavy duty telescopic rod of around ten feet with a strong line of 20 lbs. You can use bigger or smaller rods as well as different lines depending on the weight of your target fish and its habitat too. Pike fishing is done by casting big baits like meatballs towards the bank where the creature is waiting for its prey.

You can also place a large bucket filled with live shrimps or worms at the end point where you want to cast your bait using a pulley system so it would be easier for you to retrieve them from the water once they grab hold on what’s being offered. It might take some time before they bite so patience is needed by any angler who wants to catch this elusive creature.

Trout Fishing Tackle

Trout fishing is easier than pike as it only requires a five foot telescopic rod with light line of six lbs. You can also use spinning rods for this type of fish but float fishing would be the most popular technique used by anglers catching trout even if they can give you an equally good fight against your tackle.

Use small baits like maggots and worms and cast them onto clear waters where you see trout swimming around without making too much of splash or noise.  Be sure that there is no breeze blowing on the water’s surface before casting your baits as this could make them drift away from their targets.

Fishing From Boats, Kayaks, Canoes And Pontoons

  1. Now that you already know how to fish from land, let us teach you the different techniques of angling while on the water. We will start with fishing from boats whether it be a skiff or inflatable which is commonly used by commercial fishers and amateurs alike. Fishing from a boat could be easier for people because they can cast their baits in any direction without worrying about reaching the shoreline’s edge anymore.
  2. You should have a sturdy boat anchor when fishing from either kayak or pontoon as this will help prevent your vessel from being drifted away by the currents once you stop moving along with it so better keep yourself hooked in one spot before throwing down your baits.
  3. Fishing from kayaks are difficult though if you are not used to the sport because it is harder to maneuver compared with fishing on larger boats. But it can be done by any angler who wants some real workout while out on the water.
  4. Fishing from a canoe is easier than kayaking but your arms will ache after standing up while paddling all day long which isn’t really good for people with weak hearts.
  5. So you might want to consider fishing while sitting on it instead of standing for more convenience although this makes baiting your hooks more difficult since you need both hands to get them ready before throwing them far away behind the boat without getting tangled in the process.

Fishing Tips And Tricks By State

The best way to learn about fishing is to ask for an expert’s advice when you are just starting out.  Here is a list of some of them in each state who could teach you how to fish successfully:

Alabama – Visit a fishing pond filled with catfish and bass.  Ask the breeder there about his favorite techniques when catching these creatures.

Alaska – You can join a fishing contest or even try ice fishing during winter where you will learn from the best anglers in this place.

Arizona – A trip deep into the Colorado River would be your best bet since it has great catches like bigmouth buffalo, black crappie and channel catfish here.

Arkansas – Big lakes that have been stocked with trout are found all over this state.  Take a stop at Lake Dardanelle, Lake Degray and Lake Greeson for your best chance of becoming a pro angler.

California – The Golden State has a lot to offer in terms of fishing spots since it is surrounded by water from three sides – the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. You will have endless supply of salmon when you go up the coast but bass fishing is much more common inland including carp, bluegill, sunfish and trout in lakes plus stripers found in estuaries.

Colorado – Brook trout is the main catch here which you can find it in Rocky Mountain National Park or head to other major bodies of water like Cherry Creek Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir and Pueblo Reservoir.

Connecticut – Bass can be found in Quaddick State Park while rainbow trout are stocked in the waters of Kent Falls State Park.  You should also try throwing your baits to Long Island Sound and Lake Saltonstall for saltwater fishing.

Delaware – You will find smallmouth bass at Port Mahon and Broadkill Rivers while largemouth and striped bass can be caught at Chesapeake & Delaware Canal and Indian River Inlet.

Common FAQs about Fishing Clash APK

What is a fishing clash game?

Fishing Clash Game is a mobile-based sport where people catch fish to attain XP and resources. To have the ability to play this sport, you should download Clash of clan from Apple or Google Play store free of charge.

It’s possible for you to earn chests by catching fish in which you can open with gems or coins. You can also buy chests and keys to accelerate your progression within the game.

What is an APK?

An APK is the Android Application Package file. It is a compressed archive of all the files that make up an Android app. When you download an APK, it will only contain files specific to your device’s operating system version.

Is Fishing Clash Mod APK provided by official website?

No it isn’t. But you can get this APK file directly from our website. It’s free to download.

Is it legal to download Fishing Clash Mod APK?

No. You can’t use the fishing clash mod apk. It is totally illegal to use modified or hacked version of fishing clash apk

Is the Fishing Clash Mod APK is Safe?

We don’t support to use these kinds of mods. If you are still want to download fishing clash mod apk, you can download it on your own risks.


If you’re thinking about playing this game, we recommend that you download it and try it with a buddy. It’s always more fun to play games when there is someone else involved! Have any of your friends downloaded the fishing clash yet?

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