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Dec 27, 2023
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Ethio telecom telebirr SuperApp is an all in one mobile app that enables you to access a wide range of services within a single app. The app allows you to get services you need in your day to day activities such as conducting telebirr transactions, telecom product purchases, e-commerce payments, goods & services purchases, digital financial services, government services payment, fuel payment, café & restaurants payment, ticketing & transport services, entertainment, merchant & utility payment, and much more.

Additionally, telebirr SuperApp has a capability to seamlessly onboard multiple 3rd party Mini-Apps from different industries. The mini apps platform allows you to access a wide range of services, including digital banking, ticketing, ride-hailing, delivery and more in a single app. You can access the mini apps through the in-app option on the main page of the Superapp, making it easy to switch between services.
One of the key features of the telebirr Superapp is its offline functionality for fuel transactions, allowing you to access the app and get the service without interruption even when the data network is not available. This feature is particularly useful in areas where network connectivity is limited.

Enjoy the convenience of telebirr SuperApp by making transactions solely on your mobile. No need to travel and carry physical cash, no need to switch between apps to complete different transactions, everything you need is available at the tip of your mobile.

Key benefits:

telebirr SuperApp enables you to:

- Deposit, receive, transfer and spend money using your mobile number.
- Conveniently use "Group send money" option that allows you to send money to multiple recipients at once, such as family members, colleagues or loved ones.
- Make scheduled payment & automatically settle your payments on a regular basis.
- Make payments at shops/convenient stores via QR codes,
- Easily conduct cashless transactions and receive international remittance
- Just click and purchase Ethio telecom Airtime and Packages
- Tap and Pay for goods and services, your school fees, tickets and different purchases anywhere anytime
- Enjoy secured transactions and a seamless digital payment experience
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