Take it easy in a small world. A relaxing miniature garden game with a unique touch, cute animals and city building!


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Dec 29, 2023

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ドリーミーランド~遊ぼうよ、どうぶつの仲間たち~ GAME

Official release on May 25th! At the time of release, abundant rewards such as a super limited “Panda Airplane” and a 7-day login bonus will be distributed to everyone!

◆Latest Information◆
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/dorimiland

◆ Game Introduction ◆
"Good! You don't have to wander anymore! Uuuuu~"
The animals, homeless for years, let out a heartfelt cry of joy.

Acquire supplies and resources by cultivating wastelands on an undeveloped uninhabited island with animals, exploring and gathering, fulfilling various orders, cultivating the sea, and peddling. . From the jungle to the bustling city, create a living dreamland from the ground up. Let animals no longer wander and give them a self-sufficient and stable life.

[Various terrain in the open world]
The world is covered with white snow, and the infinite cold reaches the ends of the world.
The cherry blossoms are reflected in the clear pond, and the falling petals create ripples.
A total of over 3000 buildings, factories and decorations can be placed in snow or water to create a unique landscape.
Besides that, you can also adjust the terrain to grass, sand, snow, ice walls, etc., and enjoy the four seasons!
Look! what are these? What a hidden treasure on the world map! Let's go treasure hunting together!
here we go! How is it? Let's go build a village and an island together!

[Animal breeding, picture book collection]
To build a city, you have to hire animals. Each animal has its own area of ​​expertise, such as production, reclamation, construction, and fishing. But if you don't provide them with an animal mansion, they won't work.
Giraffe likes to watch the sunset with his partner, so I opened two windows in the ceiling.
Penguin's house has no TV or refrigerator. Because she's a TV and her partner is a refrigerator.
Tigers have no sense of direction, so they always get lost on their way home...
Animals with different personalities are hanging around the town, so please say hello to them~
In addition, cute animals are working hard to create a richer world! Cultivate a field, run a factory, and earn money with various tasks! Let's create a dreamy land where everyone is happy by building more and more apartments and DIY buildings by making islands!
As the mayor, get a lot of event rewards while building an island and support the animals' work!

[Idle simulation game]
Delicious food grows from the trees in the factory. Sweet pumpkin pie, rich and fragrant coffee, sweet and sour strawberry ice cream... If you cook and complete the order, you will receive a large amount of gold and building materials.
In addition, there is a special order among various orders. When Tong Tong travels around the world, he always takes food with him and exchanges it for materials. If you have time, please take a look at Tong Tong's travel diary. Because it's so funny!

[Joint construction, home merger]
You can ask your friends to decorate your city. Once you unlock the family system, you can merge Homes with friends from the same family. Let's work together and show the charm of the family! You can also contribute to your family through mining, business trips, fishing, expeditions, and more, and get rich decorations!

[Unique decoration, high degree of freedom]
From fashion to city to garden to home, everything can be changed at will. Build everything from roads to lawns. A lot of indoor & indoor decoration items! The beautiful sea outdoors, the beach in summer, romantic weddings... Jungle style indoors, maiden style, etc.
Click to decorate with the set, so don't worry!
Oh my God! You can get a lot of luxurious furniture even for free! You can enjoy Dreamy Land in a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for killing time!
Furthermore, the sea can also be developed! ? Let's expand the land of Dreamy Land while challenging a puzzle game with clever tricks!

Follow your heart, follow your thoughts, and create your own dreamland!

◆Other formulas◆
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◆Compatible models◆
iOS 13.0 or later and iPhone 7 or later model.

・The language of this application is Japanese only. Please note that other languages ​​cannot be selected.

*Downloading the app is free.
*Some paid content is available.
* Internet communication is required to play, and data communication charges may apply.
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