A breathtaking Rougelike survival game with a Three Kingdoms theme is coming!


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Dec 23, 2023
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Army Man Run: Samkok GAME

-Super relaxing hack and slash! Wiping out 100+ mobs on the screen at one go!
Control a mighty warrior of the Three Kingdoms and use wise tactics and smart movements to eliminate the whole pack of the enemies!

-Newbie-friendly and relaxing! Enjoy amazing buffs for skills!
Select one of the three skills and upgrade it for domineering strength! Also, there are powerful divine gear, exclusive hero effects and combo skills that help you clear stages quickly!

-Infinite surprises! Endless flow of items and costumes.
Limited costumes, rare pendants waiting for you! Log in daily to claim massive ingots and item rewards!

-Easy development! Get all warriors of the Three Kingdoms you like!
Develop famous warriors of the Three Kingdoms super-fast, and experience amazing ultimate skills! What's more, powerful mounts such as Red Hare, Fat Tiger and Tortoise are also waiting to assist you!

-Diverse gameplays! Unlimited rougelike experiences!
Fight for the throne in the [Battle of Thrones], and engage in fierce competition in [Fortune Balls]. Behold for more amazing dungeons!
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