Season 11: Siren Song


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Nov 30, 2023
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Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena GAME

● New Mythic Operator, Siren - Siren's Song, a dangerous femme fatale with a killer voice!
● New Weapon: Groza, the high-rate stockless Assault Rifle, is now available. Pragmatically styled attachments provide high mobility and consistently high crushing power.
● Elite Mission 2023 has entered its final season. As a form of appreciation, the Legendary Kurohana weapon: DR-H - KUROHANA - 68 has been prepared.
● Enjoy the BR map with special festive end-of-year decorations and interesting events ready to accompany the holiday season.

No one can resist the allure of Call of Duty®: Mobile’s Season 11: Siren Song! Dive into the holiday-themed Miami Blitz MP map for some yuletide mayhem! Hit the high notes with the Mythic Siren – Siren Song and her Legendary BK57 - Spectral Song or be destroyed by the Epic Foxtrot - Unseen Angel and her Mythic Grau 5.56 - Phantom's Core! Two Mythic Draws appear in one season for the first time ever! Stay off the naughty list or get sleighed by the Epic Lerch - Chemical Santa and his Epic Groza - Final Gift in the Season 11 Premium Battle Pass! Keep up the fight and keep those spirits bright!

[Rank Mode Update]
Elite Mission in 2023 enters its final season. As a form of appreciation to all Soldiers for their heroic performance over the past year, Rin Yoshida from Kurohana has prepared a Legendary weapon full of Kurohana nuances: DR-H - KUROHANA - 68.

[New Map: Miami Blitz]
Welcome to the East Coast! Experience a different festival feel in Miami! There will be snow-throwing trucks, lantern trees and gift-bearing reindeer. Apart from that, don't forget to take a photo with the colored Ferris Wheel from a distance.

[New Weapon: Groza]
High rate of fire stockless Assault Rifle, now available. Pragmatically styled attachments provide high mobility and consistently high crushing power. Suitable for maneuvering amidst a hail of bullets.

[New Weapon: Ballistic Knife]
A spring-action knife that can be thrown as a projectile and used as a Melee weapon when out of blades.

[New Operator Skill: Misdirection Device]
Emits special sound waves that impair one's auditory functions, completely hiding the user's sound and causing enemies in range to hear fake sources of noise. When enabled, the player's movement speed is slightly increased.
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