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Dec 29, 2023

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Antivirus: Virus Cleaner, Junk APP

This Antivirus: virus cleaner, junk keeps your phone safe from viruses

Anti-virus cleaner - virus remover app is a source of virus security protection. Virus scanner - phone security protects the phone from a wide range of viruses that can compromise your device's security and put your personal data at risk. Also, the cache cleaner - junk cleaner in this cleaner master app remove junk files & cache files from your device. Phone cleaner - scan virus app has several tools, such as a junk cleaner, Apps scanner, app uninstaller, battery information, file scanner and network scanner.

Features of Antivirus: Virus Cleaner, Junk

Virus scanner - Master cleaner
With this Scan virus - Virus remover app, you can rest assured that your phone's security is in good hands. The virus removal tool provided by this phone security master prevents viruses from causing problems on your device.

App Scanner - Virus removal
Easily detect hidden viruses within your apps by performing a quick scan with virus hunter - scan virus app. Quick scan is available for all apps.

Junk Cleaner - Antivirus phone cleaner
With just a few taps, the junk remover app can easily scan your device for junk files, unnecessary cache files and clear them out.

Network Scanner
The WIFI security scan feature in the cleaner master app offers an additional layer of protection against insecure Wi-Fi networks. Network scanner detects your Wi-Fi connection and ensures your network safety.

Quick & easy virus scanner
Antivirus: virus Cleaner, junk app for Android users with a beautiful UI design that delivers a seamless user experience. The virus remover offers convenient and efficient privacy protection for your phone

Real-time Protection with this Phone Security
Our scan virus mobile security app provides continuous 24/7 protection for your device, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your device is secure and protected from any potential viruses.

File Scanner
Cleaner master app can detect and remove malicious files and viruses from your device. Our virus scanner goes through all files to ensure that you're protected from harmful viruses. Also, antivirus & security - junk cleaner identifies unused large files that are taking up storage space.

Battery Info with Master Cleaner
Our phone cleaner app includes a battery information feature. With this virus remover app, you can access details about your battery's health, total capacity, current capacity, and battery type.

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