Learn and revise biology with pictures & notes that explain concepts to the core


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Dec 29, 2023

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Biology Notes With Pictures APP

learn and revise biology with pictures and notes that explain biology concepts and facts to the core

it is a creative and new way to learn biology with short notes and pictures that enables users to see and visualize concepts using images hence eliminating the problem for need of imagination hence facilitating relating to theory in biology with pictures enabling students to understand biology concepts better and teachers to have an easy time explaining concepts

bonus feature: each chapter and topic are on its own and is accompanied with pictures to make navigating the app and learning easy and fun

features and content of the app include:

notes and pictures on the following:

1. the nervous system

2. the heart

3. the brain

4. the kidney

5. the human breathing system

6. bones of the human body

7. the nose of a human being

8. the digestive system

9. the cell

10. the ear

11. the backbone

12. leaves of plants

13. the different roots of plants

and many more:

our goal is to dimistify biology and make it a simple subject to learn and understand
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