Cambodian Chess - Khmer Chess - អុកចត្រង្គ


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Dec 28, 2023
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Ouk Chaktrang GAME

Dive into the captivating world of Ouk Chaktrang, commonly known as Cambodian Chess, a game deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Southeast Asia. Originating from the same lineage as the Indian chaturanga, which dates back to the 6th century, Ouk Chaktrang is a testament to the enduring appeal of strategic board games and shares a historical connection with the global phenomenon of modern chess. It is also commonly known as Ouk (អុក) in Khmer.

Bring this venerable game to life on your digital device. Ideal for a relaxing evening with family or as a challenging solo endeavor against AI opponents, Ouk Chaktrang offers a unique blend of strategy and cultural heritage. Ready to test your skills? Face off against our sophisticated AI opponents – each victory requires cunning tactics and strategic foresight.

Advance through the ranks by accumulating experience points with every AI opponent you defeat. The tougher the opponent, the greater the reward.

Key Features:

5 AI Difficulty Levels: Catering to beginners and experts alike.
Interactive Board Editor: Customize your playing experience.
Personalization Options: Choose from a variety of boards, pieces, avatars, and themes.
Global Leaderboard: Compete with players worldwide and demonstrate your mastery.
Share Your Games: Relive and share your most exciting matches with friends.
Save & Resume Functionality: Your progress is always safe.
Timed Challenges: For those who thrive under pressure, race against the clock!
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Ouk Chaktrang today, and embark on a uniquely Cambodian chess adventure!
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