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Dec 28, 2023
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CANAÃ Fast Charge APP

If you are an electric vehicle driver, you must already be enjoying the benefits and innovation that this revolution in mobility provides. And how about expanding this avant-garde even further? Canaã Fast Charge is revolutionizing the electric mobility market with its platform dedicated to drivers.

Gain efficiency in your schedule: locate an electric charging point, check its availability, unlock it and have complete control of your charging in real time, all through our app!

Make the most of your time: locate a charging station, check its availability, unlock it and have full control over the charging process, all in real time, directly through the app!

Explore charging stations through our map system.

What are the advantages?

- Stay informed about the availability of charging stations in real time, knowing whether they are busy or free!

- Find out details about the location of the charging station before leaving home, such as its opening hours, types of connectors available and whether there are costs associated with energy.

- Simplify your life, leave charging station unlocking cards aside and do everything quickly and conveniently directly through the app.

- Have full control over the recharge process in real time, simply and remotely.

- Make your routine easier and make the most of what new mobility technology has to offer.
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